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Saturday, November 8, 2014

FKATwigs,Kristen Stewart,Rob Pattinson - What Do You See?

What Do You See?
Just look at the image.Rob is walking ahead of FKAtwigs in the same way he used to walk ahead of Kristen. There is a difference though.
Twigs is carefully made up and elegantly dressed.She is not wearing a designer dress. A scarf yes, but a way of dressing and combining that is uniquely her style.
She does not intend to get tweetstormed online for being a dark monkey.
She is dressed for cameras.Twigs is dressed to be seen.
Kristen never was unless it was a PR event.

What is significant to me is that Rob is walking WITH her exactly the way he walked with Kristen when the papz were around.Pissed.Walking ahead of her.Look at twigs.She is not upset particularly.
She has dressed for herself, for Rob and for Papz. Rob is dressed or rather not dressed as if he were with Kristen. He walks ahead of FKA the way he did with Kristen.
Twigs fiddles with her phone rather than hide her face,put on sunglasses,stick her finger up to ruin the price of the image. She is indifferent to them. Like Joli is. Rob is still stuck in Twilight mode. Twilight mode with Kristen.

Rob has not made the transition. And this is where I am disturbed.

In the late 1980's I went to a psychoanalytic seminar.I heard Howard Covitz speak there on the dreams of Joseph. He analyzed them.
Joseph tells his brothers he has dreamed that they all had sheaves of wheat. Their sheaves bowed down to his sheaf of wheat.
Covitz's analysis was that Joseph saw his brothers with = signs between them. That is, his brothers were not individuals, singular,unique, but perceived as "clones" of each other (my word not Covitz).
Was it any wonder they disliked Joseph and sold him into Egyptian slavery? Joseph also dressed femme in his clothes and makeup/hair. Another sign that made him different, disliked?

At that point in the talk something connected with me.
I had seen Bunuel's  That Obscure Object of Desire

about 10 years before. Once with a man I had been with for 10 years or so, was not in love with, but in a sort of partnership,friend way.
In that movie Rey has two lovers who are both Spanish, dark hair, dark eyes, but definitely two actresses. Two different actresses.
I saw it again the same week with a new lover with whom I was not in love but felt serious about.

Both these men in my life thought the two women were the same woman. I even tried to correct them to no avail as they saw ONE women, not two.
I stopped arguing and thought about this. Thinking about Freud's Dora whom I always thought Freud did not understand well. Not the way Breuer understood Anna O anyway.

And listening to Covitz that day the lightbulb went on.

Neither of these men in my life that were now gone, saw me as unique.Neither of them saw any woman as unique. There was an equal sign between us all. And this is Joseph's narcissism.He didn't either.


The second way of finding a meaning in life is....by experiencing another human being in his very uniqueness - by loving him.

Love is the only way to grasp another human being to the innermost core of his personality. No one can become fully aware of the very essence of another human being unless he loves him. By his love he is enabled to see the essential traits and features in the beloved person; and even more, he sees that which is potential in him, which is not yet actualized but yet ought to be actualized. Furthermore, by his love, the loving person enables the beloved person to actualize these potentialities. By making him aware of what he can be and of what he should become, he makes these potentialities come true.
Man's Search for Meaning pp 111-112

We can probably safely say that Rob's audition for Edward was close to this.

In choosing his costar for Remember Me he said he tried the same thing but it didn't work (laughs)

Kristen chose Rob. On Oprah she said she just saw something in him. She just knew.
Can we say she saw his potential, what he could become in the role of Edward?

Isn't this love?
Is it required to say out loud, "I love him!"

Kristen gazes at us through the camera with love as someone has written about her, comparing her gaze with Lilian Gish, and other silent stars of yesterday.
And doesn't Rupert Sanders LOVE Kristen? Hasn't he seen her potential and doesn't he want her to actualize it.
One of the few times Kristen has been eloquent in answering questions

And didn't Rob actualize Kristen's potential for being beautiful, sexy, seductive?Didn't Kristen "shame" herself by announcing her "shame" to the world and saying "I love him" to protect him for his upcoming PR for Cosmopolis?

Does Rob perceive an = sign between FKAtwigs and Kristen?
That is my question. I hate that I see this but I can't unsee it.

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

FKA Twigs Bringing Disjunctive Dance and Music Mainstream

Two Weeks FKA twigs

So why is this on my Twilight blog?Cause I want it here, so FKA twigs can see it here. Her roots go very deep into cutting edge disjunctive music and dance during the 20th century. Let's start with Merce Cunningham and a collaboration with Robert Rauschenberg. Dance, music and theater.

He took dance apart and put it back together again, leaving out all but the most essential. He stripped dance of conventional narrative; he ordered it by change procedures he conceived it without music and without decor. He took it out of the proscenium (but later put it back) and exploded the stage picture into fragments. He made the viewer the auteur. The great irony inherent in all this is that only a great storyteller possessed of extraordinary musicality could have stripped away so much and be left with more. Cunningham was able to separate dance from its traditional trappings not because dance does not need them, but because dance--at least in his hands--already had them.

From Mondays With Merce # 12
Feel free to skip around, listen to Merce, and watch the movement. He changed the way we look at dance. It is disjunctive, non-linear. Art is anticipating Continental Philosophy
Collaboration: Robert Rauschenberg Backdrop for Merce Cunningham Dancers
Now to Meredith Monk celebrating her 50th year in performance.Here she is now at 71
Meredith Monk in Concert With Katie Geissinger.If you click on the link you will get the 1 1/2 hour concert with short pieces as well as longr ones showing her virtuosity with voice only. This is her 50th anniversary performance. I saw her as a young woman in the mid 1970's. Same time frame with my seeing Cunningham, Rainer, and many others.

These were the Jimmy Carter years when grant money flowed to the arts instead of war. Reagan put a stop to all that. But those years were an incredible time to be alive and awake to what was going on.

Then we have the towering figure of John Cage
The Audience often laughed so feel free to do so!

Let's see. Annie Gosfield of course.
When Annie was in Kindergarten she used to come in my classroom at Miquon, stand there and just listen with big eyes. My favorite of hers  
is an excerpt from her album Lost Signals and Drifting Stellites but I couldn't get it to load.So link to it.

Yvonne Rainer Trio A 
(The Mind Is A Muscle,Part 1),1966
I heard her on a panel in the mid 1970's. She has made statements that ballet is about "Look at me how beautiful I am." She choreographed dances for children, old people, fat people, disabled people,et al. She was a force for innovative dance. Everyone began to dance at that time.There were workshops free or very cheap all the time.

It was an amazing time to be young and alive.

I want readers to know how deep FKA twigs's roots are in what she is doing.

First Miley Cyrus came along with Wrecking Ball
She wrecked soft porn pop princess videos and made them obsolete
and upped the game with TWERKING
Here she takes on hard core porn and demolishes it
Now all that soft porn looks waaaay dated and hard core porn doesn't have the bite it used to.

Miley Cyrus has made a FOUCAULDIAN CUT into the Discourse of pop princess performing. How can anyone follow her as she has taken it to the edge in excess,and jumped over the abyss. She imploded all that pseudo seduction so what is next?Who will step into this GAP, this space she has opened up in mainstream pop?

FKA twigs has stepped up to the plate.

And finally after over 50 years we have disjunctive dance and music in the

Just think no more songs about lousy boyfriends, lost lovers, R&B, and all the rest of pop music manipulating your feelings, trying to make you feel a certain way.

Just sound now
Will you pay more attention to the sounds around you. Isn't this William Burroughs cut and paste in sound  not words?

Finally music I want to listen to. Something that puts me in the space of the auteur.