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Sunday, December 11, 2011

Breaking Dawn:Reading Bella's Change Through Nietzsche And The Ecstasy Of St. Teresa

You must be ready to burn yourself in your own flame: how else could you become new, if you had not first become ashes? - Thus Spake Zarathustra

Stephenie Meyer wrote Bella's change scene in thrilling, frighteningly seductive, seductively frightening language. Following Baudrillard  she is not the authorial subject describing it to the reader. No, the reader is the object where all the power, interpretation, resonances and emotions lie. Meyer has thrown the challenge to the reader, the literate reader, who seems non-existent, reading the Twilight books.

For the first time, with the dimming shadows and limiting weakness 
of humanity taken off my eyes, I saw his face.
I gasped and then struggled with my vocabulary, 
unable to find the right words.
I needed better words.

Bella Cullen, Breaking Dawn

Bernini's Ecstasy of St. Teresa
The wiki link describes the sexually erotic aspect of St. Teresa's Ecstasy
All mystics, and Saint Teresa as much as any of them, complain of a want of new words (nuevas palabras) with which to praise the works of god as they experience these in spirit. (LITWW p. 161)

To die of not being able to die - Saint Teresa 

The screenwriter Melissa Rosenberg, the director Bill Condon, and the Scummit suits are completely unaware of any resonances in the novel or in any of the scenes. Just nope nope nope from the 3 dopes. Bella's internal change is shown through blood red CGI of venom slooshing through her veins and Bella is shown lying on a slab lab table, like an insect with a pin through it, wearing an ugly short blue dress, with her legs parted like the proper specimen, her arms at her sides, shot from above for a bird's eye view. Very very clinical and informative, eh?

How did producer Stephenie Meyer permit this? Does she have no integrity concerning her work? Maybe it's the green stuff - $$$$$$$$$? Is she unconscious about the real power of her work? Mebbe.

Meyer has been clear all along in her writing that Bella is a mystic. All reviews, discussions, arguing, defending, criticizing her have been in the clinical psychological camp. That is not where she belongs. Bella is in the Order of Seduction, not the Order of Production and this is where all the difficulty begins. The films are primarily in the Order of Production and Bella swaying down the aisle in her $30,000 wedding dress designed for provocative back interest with its curved cut out, is for the audience of males who have come with their wives, daughters, girl friends, sisters, mothers, etc. to watch Kristen Stewart undulate down the aisle.  

I'm not even gonna go there to discuss the birth scene, the wolves and the rest of the mess.

This is the dirty, nasty, cynical secret of the movie. It is also very boring.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Rob Pattinson - Hand and Finger Porn - A Fangirl Obsession

    from tumbler
    Rob Pattinson's Hands and Fingers

Jazz_Girl left a comment
My obsession with Rob's hands just endured yet another explosion.  The image of his fingers flying across a piano keyboard is enough to leave me a babbling mess.  Don't even get me started on what the image of the man with a guitar does to me. Now I have to add to that the image of those massive hands and extraordinary fingers gliding up and down the neck of a cello.  I had heard rumours that he played cello, but hadn't ever seen anything confirming it from him.  

And then you add in the image of him teaching a 4 year old to play...

And, I'm done.
  • 4 hours ago
  • ROBsessed™ - Addicted to Robert Pattinson: Robert Pattinson talks about sex, love, music, Breaking Dawn and MORE
    At the above there are  body part pics of fangirl sexual fetishes and you can even VOTE for which body part you like the best! Golly Gee!

    jazz girl is not alone in her obsession as witness the collage above of his hands and fingers. Parts of his body, perhaps all parts, have become sexual fetishes. Then take the separate sexual fetishes and put them back together until you have the body whole again, and you have a person/object who is himself a Sexual Fetish. We have not seen the likes of this - jouissance -  since Monroe and Bardot. This is the new femme hallucinated masculine version of the male hallucinated femme fatale, as suggested by Jean Baudrillard. And just in time too.

    You want hand and finger porn? 

    Here it is by a master of literature: Witold Gombrowicz in his Cosmos:

    ....I could not very well stare into the man's eyes, so my passionate and pretty revolting conjectures had to be based exlusively on inspection of his hand resting on the table opposite me, near hers. The hand was long and well cared-for, and his fingers and short-cut nails were not displeasing. I examined it, with growing fury at having to try to discover its erotic possibilities as if I had been Lena.

    Cosmos - Witold Gombrowicz at Amazon
    I discovered nothing at all. It appeared to be a perfectly decent hand, but what did appearances signify? Everything depended on the way he touched her, and I could very well imagine his touching her decently, or indecently, or passionately, brutally and furiously, or simply conjugally. But I discovered nothing at all, absolutely nothing whatever for why should not ordinary, well shaped hands touch each other in abnormal or even disgusting fashion, how could one tell? It was hard to believe that a healthy decent hand could commit extreme indecencies, but it was sufficient to imagine that it might , and that might made the indecency the greater. And if I was totally unable to find out anything whatever from their hands, what was I to think about individuals further in the background, where I was afraid of even looking? I knew that if he so much as secretly and surreptitiously linked his little finger with hers it would be sufficient to turn both of them into supremely dissolute personalities, .... (C p. 23)

    Now this is WRITING!

  • LoisadaCollapse
    How a propos. Thank you for the rec to A Garment of Brightness:

    But instead I sit down and pick up the paper and start to pry it open. It's folded like a spiral, or a rose, with the corner of each petal tucked under the one right next to it. This kind of intricate folding work needs slender fingers. Like a girl's. Or like Edward's. Not that I actually ever saw his fingers. They were hidden in tightly clenched fists. But from the finely wrought contours of his knuckles and wrists, I could infer. Edward Beaux-mains.I can't help imagining Edward's fingers touching the paper, creasing and coaxing it into this spiral-flower-coin shape. Opening it petal by petal, my fingers are touching the same paper. I feel as if my fingertips and his are brushing each other.

Monday, October 31, 2011

Breaking Dawn Wedding: Bella and Rob - Kristen and Edward? Real or a Simulacrum?

I have been taken to task for intruding on them in this way. I only wish to make crystal clear what the consequences of our entrance into simulated reality are and will be.

Kristen Stewart as Bella Swan
All the quotes are from Rose at http://pattinsonintoxication.blogspot.com/ :

"It’s funny when this question comes up, because I sort of feel like, I don’t really care! People can say whatever they want…. [The interest] is totally understandable, but when it’s personal to you, it’s like your life becomes a product and I’m repelled by that. I don’t like to give away gems that people are gonna be like, ‘Oh my God! So I’ll always just shrug it off – in fact, I always find it kind of funny, and not just with Rob.”

"Rob talks about Edward handling being a dad. Rob: My girlfriend... Ash: Your wife...Rob: My wife, yes, I'm sorry.  Filming with a baby is the most fun and very simple." 

"Rob mentions about having a real priest. 'It was weird as well because there was a real priest, so essentially me and Kristen are married now, because we just did the same thing as in a wedding,[laughs]  like we just don't have a civil union or whatever...not by law but by the eyes of the Church we're actually married.' To Ash 'That is actually true'  

Ashley: "Remember when you kept getting her name wrong?"

But maybe he really feels that way... huh?
Is that so hard to believe?
I mean... seriously.
Rob and Kristen are standing in front of a minister
even if its on a movie set.
Kristen talked about 'her day'
and 'my wedding dress'
A lot of the cast talked about how REAL it was
and how emotional to see their friends walk down the aisle
Don't you think it was Rob and Kristen
walking down the aisle that made it emotional?
And then Rob kept getting her name wrong...
I Edward... take you Kristen...
ALL kinds of cute.

So Rob was interviewed by Extra
and was asked about the 'real' priest...
First off he said...
"I read something like that, which furiously took the piss out of me.
Because they're like, 'Of course you're not [really married].
' Even if it was a real priest, 
it doesn't make any difference, 
you've got to fill out all these forms and blah blah blah!"

"We're married in so many different ways. 
I kind of like the idea of that happening, though." 

 (Rose again at Intoxication)

Blurry boundaries folks. Here you have a wedding in a movie, from a book that is very sincerely overly emotional compared to our modern times of what is cool at a wedding. A Kardashian wedding, she is cool. Reese's wedding as WFE went to promo was cool. Jen and Brad, and all the rest. All very very cool.

Here's uncool Bella from Breaking Dawn:

"Don't let me fall, Dad," I whispered.

One step at a time, 'I told myself.'

"__Until I found him at last,...."

"All I really saw was Edward's face; it filled my vision and overwhelmed my mind."

"And then, at last, at last, I was there. Edward held out his hand. Charlie took my hand and, in a symbol as old as the world, placed it in Edward's."

"I didn't realize I was crying until it was time to say the binding words. I do, I managed to choke out in a nearly unintelligible whisper, blinking my eyes clear so I could see his face."

"He bent his head toward mine, and I stretched up on the tips of my toes, throwing my arms  - bouquet and all - around his neck. He kissed me tenderly, adoringly, I forgot the crowd, the place, the time, the reason...only remembering that he loved me, that he wanted me, that I was his. He began the kiss, and he had to end it; I clung to him, ignoring the titters and the throat-clearing in the audience. Finally, his hands restrained my face and he pulled back - too soon - to look at me." 
When was the last time you saw or felt such emotion at a wedding? Your own? Maybe. Definitely not cool.

This is a movie where the two stars are in a relationship with each other throughout filming. It is almost unbearably obvious that they are very much in love. One just doesn't see this vulnerable feeling between two people in the public eye much any more: Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton; Paul Newman and Joanne Woodward; I'm blocking here.

Is a wedding real because it is in the Order of Production? 
Is it real because it is in the Order of the Symbolic and the Sacred? 
Is it real because it is a civil ceremony obeying the rules of the Law? Which kind of wedding is real
Which kind of wedding is a simulacrum, a copy of a copy having no original?

In simulated reality we can never know.

I don't know.

Do you?

Do Rob and Kristen? 

If it feels real, is it real

If it is planned and in a church and announced in the paper, does that make it real?

Does the presence of a real ordained minister, or priest, as in this case, what makes a wedding real?

Remember that scene in Cold Mountain between Nicole Kidman and Jude Law: She turns around three times and each time says, "I marry you. I marry you. I marry you," according to the ways of another culture. 

Josephine Hart and Maurice Saatchi
Lord and Lady Saatchi
Another great love story if you can read between the lines and connect dots - a lost art, I know.
Welcome to simulated reality folks. Here you can never know. ______________________________________________
The Kardashian/Humphries wedding/marriage cost 10 million dollars and lasted 72 days. Was it real? It was legal

Does legal mean real? DOES IT? DOES IT?

Do you know? I don't.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Rob Pattinson: Breaking Dawn Paris Promotion - Houellebecq

New Image of Rob - Man - Playa
Stroke of genius his new look
Forces the interviewers to relate to him as a man, a playa, a serious contender in the world of celebrity
With this look it is impossible for them to treat him like a beautiful silly adorable boy
who plays a vampire
Xavier in Paris asks some serious questions, not silly American ones about his gf

Xavier: Last question; is it true that you like Michel Houellebecq?
Rob: Yeah, definitely. I was supposed to meet up with him the last time I was in Paris and then I couldn’t do it but yeah, he’s one of my favorite writers.

Xavier is a real interviewer. This is how you do it. (entire interview)

He knew very well that Rob has read Houellebecq because he does his homework.(My post here) The question is a "floating sign" to Rob that he is intelligent, asks interesting questions, and is hip - probably ensuring Rob will favor him in the future. The question is also a "floating sign" that he sees Rob as an intelligent well-read man, not a silly Hollywood movie star, whose fangirls want to "jump his bones".  And it is the very LAST question so it screams out. Perfect placing in time. And clearly Xavier likes Houellebecq or he wouldn't have highlighted him. Nor linked him to Rob. With Paris adoring Rob, and Rob regarding Houellebecq as "one of my favorite writers", Xavier has used Rob's affection for Houellebecq to punch a hole into the media's Dominating Discourse about Houellebecq. This is how it is done folks. Or at least 1 way.

You can bet the farm that his Parisian fangirls will be at the bookstores tomorrow getting Houellebecq and watching The Prophet on DVD, since he mentioned Jacques Audiard. Meanwhile back at the ranch his American fangirls are drooling over his new look, his mouth, his hair, his clothes, his sexiness, etc etc etc. Now do you suppose Rob would prefer a European or an American fangirl?

The MDD about Houellebecq is hatred. BHL and Houllebecq are considered Public Enemies so BHL suggested they write a book of letters to each other. They don't know each other as acquaintances or as friends. Houellebecq is everything BHL is not. The one thing they share is the hatred they inspire. 

This quote translated by curioushairedgal indicates why many would hate him for writing this:

 "But I have come to think that religions are primarily attempts at explaining the world; and none of the attempts to explain the world can hold water if it hurts our need for rational certitude. Mathematical proof, experimental procedure are the definitive acquisitions of human consciousness. I am well aware that it appears the facts contradict me, I am well aware that Islam - by far the most silly, the most fake and the most obscurantist of all religions -- seems to be on the increase; but it is just a superficial and transitory phenomenon; in the long run, Islam is condemned even more so than Christianity."(Atomised)

And in the same book he writes this:

“In the midst of the vast, barbarous world of nature, human beings have sometimes (rarely) been able to create little warm places irradiated by love.  Little enclosed spaces, private spaces, where intersubjectivity and love reigned.”  Les Particules elementaires (“Atomised”)

The Art of Struggle  and other reviews of Houellebecq in The Truth About Lies blog at blogspot

The Art of Struggle … investigates issues of alienation, individualism and disillusionment
"Given the characteristics of the modern era, love can scarcely manifest itself anymore. Yet the ideal of love has not diminished. Being, like all ideals, fundamentally atemporal, it can neither diminish nor disappear."

If you knew the GAN Tower
Then you’d know my life

(from untitled poem on p.47)
There’s even a photo of La Tour First (First Tower) as it’s called these days at the start of the book. It’s in an area of Paris known as La Défense which Houellebecq would know well because he worked there as a computer programmer before making his living as a writer. It crops up in two other poems:
I came across an old prole
Looking for the son he’d lost
In GAN Tower, the graveyard
Of disheartened revolutionaries.

(from untitled poem on p.73) 
Michel Houellebecq, Rester vivant(The Art of Struggle or How To Live) (1999)  

Pieces a blog devoted to reading and also Houellebecq

You will never know exactly what part of you pushes you to write. You will only know it through approximations and contradictions. Egotism or devotion? Cruelty or compassion? All are possibilities. This is proof that, ultimately, you know nothing; so do not behave as if you knew. Before your ignorance, before this mysterious part of yourself, remain honest and humble.]
And this is how Houellebecq got me writing again.
He'd love to work with Jacques Audiard, the French director and Jack Nicholson if he could.  
All you fangirls out there who want to know what he wants to do next, did you get it that he just told you:

"who speaks of beauty as a promise of
Nietzsche in Genealogy
of Morals
Jacques Audiard's recent film was The Prophet (netflix pic and review). I saw it and it was wonderful. This is how Bardot got Godard who had no idea she wanted to work with him. Saying stuff like this got Cronenberg for him. Gus Van Zant audtioned for Breaking Dawn after he heard Rob wanted him for it. Scummit was too dumb though and Van Zant is used to being asked, not competing, so he didn't push himself flamboyantly at them the way they wanted.

Small independent filmmakers don't go after stars like Rob because they think they cost too much and they can't afford it. So he is telling them that he wants to work with them. The Prophet is a low budget very fine film. It got independent theatre distribution.